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July 6, 2004

A Column of Smoke & A Traveling Flame!

smoke 3.jpg
After dinner with a friend and his wife last night, I learned a new trick! Something I never would have thought possible about smoke and fire.

Now this won’t revolutionize your life but it is kind of fun – and safe! (Who could ask for anything more?)

Notice on the picture above, the column of smoke! My friend Dan asked me after a dinner I had prepared of smoked beef brisket, if I had ever seen someone light a candle from 4” away? A perfectly natural question! (Maybe he was being polite because I had smoked my brisket just a little too much in the final 5 minutes of preparation.) He then proceeded to hold a lit match in the column of smoke and the flame then followed the smoke in mid-air till it reached the wick and relit the candle. Cool.

Being two grown boys we then set off to see who could out do the other. So far the record seems to be about 6 inches. With a perfectly still (which is hard to accomplish) column of smoke and our wives as witnesses, we were able to light a candle from 6” away. Try it! Amaze your friends, and see if you can beat our record! Let me know and I will pass on to Dan that YOU now hold the world’s record! Right now it is (unofficially) me!

Posted by Adrian2 at July 6, 2004 4:48 PM


That looks like a cool trick. I was tempted to try it today, but I couldn't find a match.

Posted by: Adrian at July 14, 2004 3:52 PM