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June 26, 2004

Ezekiel In "Real Life"

Ezekiel In Real Life.jpg
Ezekiel welcomed about 75 people to a party in Wisconsin this past week hosted by John and Nancy (I will delete their last name to preserve their privacy).

I got to the party late because of a wedding rehearsal I was conducting for a couple to be married the following day. Bummer! (Not for the wedding, but for the party.)

In addition to the 75 people, Ezekiel was joined by a sculpture in black granite called Daniel and a sculpture in white granite called Hosea.

They (the sculptures) didn’t eat much. The pea pods stuffed with lobster created by Nancy were great … as was the (secret) punch created by John. Hosea was nearest the punch bowl, but with a spotlight specifically installed for Him, He remained quite sober all night long.

Thanks John and Nancy for having us as your guests!

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June 25, 2004

Pentecost Pete

Pentecost Pete.jpg
This may be a bit corny but I had to try it. This stone is a work in process where the top (as you can clearly see) has a “tongue of fire” actually burning. Jesus called Simon son of John “Cephas” which, when translated, is Peter. Both Cephas & Peter mean “rock”. I certainly have much work left to do on this rock before it is finished, but you get the idea.

By the way, Peter addressed a crowd of people 2,000 years ago after tongues of fire separated and came to rest on all of the disciples who had gathered on Pentecost. Corny or not, stone and fire, Pete and Pentecost might have something more to say to us today.

For your information, Pete only burns for about two hours until he needs to be “refilled”.

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June 24, 2004


I am currently working on a “pieta”, which is Mary, the mother, grieving over Jesus after the crucifixion. These two stones have been interesting to work on as separate parts of the same sculpture. The picture does not show it well, but the horizontal head of Christ is red granite. Mary is obviously black granite. With the boulders off to their left “looking on” in my outdoor studio I thought this picture might be of interest for those following my work.

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Tears, Kisses, & Perfume

Tears, kisses, and a beautiful jar of expensive perfume! In your day-to-day everyday life what do words like “tears, kisses and expensive perfume or cologne” bring to mind? Could it describe the Father’s Day some of you experienced two weekends ago? For those men who were able to return from Iraq and be with their families it probably does!

In Luke chapter 7 “tears, kisses and expensive perfume” were EVIDENCE of love displayed by someone who received God’s loving forgiveness. These overflowing acts of love went far beyond the “minimal gestures of hospitality” that a simple “Thank You” card might do in our day.

The woman identified in this Gospel lesson, as one who had lived a “sinful life”, was most likely a prostitute. It appears that she had heard Jesus preach and in repentance determined to lead a new life. Out of overflowing love and deep gratitude for the forgiveness of sins He had poured out upon her, she publicly expressed her thankfulness in ways clearly seen by all.

“Her love for Jesus was evidence of her forgiveness, but not the basis for it.” So says the footnote in my Bible.

Jesus did not think that her tears, kisses and perfume were odd. In fact, He defended her behavior by pointing out that those who have been “forgiven little love little”, while those who have been forgiven much express a much greater love for Him.

Loving God is not a contest to see who can love Him more! It is not a matter of outdoing one another in expressions of love to Jesus. But, there clearly is some observable "evidence".

Once we receive the assurance by faith that our sins have been forgiven, gestures of love for Jesus are as natural as breathing. With the woman in this Gospel lesson, we cannot stop “kissing the feet” of Jesus.

May the Lord make it so in your life and mine! Through the power of His Spirit may He lead us to repentance and deeper in love with Him. Amen!

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