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April 15, 2004

The "More Later!" I promised

Some stones, it seems, are more open to change than people! For that reason granite was a good medium to carve for me as a pastor. The Ezekiel sculpture you see in my April 9th posting was “carved” with a diamond masonry blade, a large chisel and a heavy hammer. The face was then polished using diamond abrasives through 8 grits from 70 to 3500.

The point of the sculpture explores the reality & depth of thinking people are willing to engage in. Henry Moore has said, “If you think you know something, you stop learning any more about it.” This is a profound statement … about life, education, faith, God, the world in which we live, art, each other & ourselves.

In Ezekiel’s day many centuries ago (593-586 B.C.), he was confronted with people who were not willing to listen anymore. They were stubborn, hardened and obstinate. They had formed their opinions and most likely had stopped learning. So, Ezekiel creatively presented what he wanted them to “hear” in a variety of artistic ways. He became more “hard headed” about informing people of the things he was learning as he listened carefully and took to heart all that God said.

Tell me, what are you listening to? In what areas of your life have you stopped learning anything more? In what ways do you, as Henry Moore asserted, “think you know something”?

Some stones, it seems, are more open to change than people! How willing are you to change your thinking about God and His love for you through His son Jesus?

Think about it and let me hear from you today!

-Pastor Adrian

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April 9, 2004

Hard Headed People

Me and Ezekiel
Taking a break from work I relaxed and carved this granite stone thinking of Ezekiel the prophet. God told him that he would make his forehead like the hardest stone. He was to speak to people who were hardened and obstinate. So, I thought, "Why not try to carve and let a stone speak?" More later!

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April 5, 2004

Blog Photos

Here are a couple of the photos that I used for this site. Here is the photo taken by Heather Hanft that I used in the header:

Here is the photo that I loosely based the background pattern on:

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April 4, 2004

Design Notes

Welcome to the Adrian Hanft blog. I hope to have this blog up and running soon, but for now, here are some notes on the design of the site. The banner at the top is taken from a photo taken by Heather Hanft during her and Adrian II's mission trip to India. It is part of the decoration on the ceiling of one of the temple's there. The Pattern on the right and left are loosely based on a pattern found on a door in India. The door was photographed by Adrian II. That is about it. I will try and post the photos I am talking about when I get the chance.


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